Uncertain (2015) Teaser

Uncertain is an actual place somewhere on the border between Louisiana and Texas. You wouldn’t be able to find this place if you were not lost (to paraphrase the town’s sheriff). It’s one of these places on Earth you wouldn’t believe even existed. People migrate there to find quiet, lushing and stress-free existence. They are like birds – just wanting to be free, like any other creature under the sun. The entire town is populated by ex-con men and recovering drug addicts looking for freedom under Texan law. Their almost hopeless future (there are no women in Uncertain) is an allegory for the dying town itself. The life-giving swampy lake of Uncertain is growing over with unstoppable weed.



“Three Uncertain men make their own bids for survival looking to find a more certain future. Wayne, an ex-convict who becomes obsessed with killing Mr. Ed, a gigantic boar he hunts in order to stay sober. Zach, a young diabetic with big ideas but few prospects fight for a bigger life. Henry, an ageing fisherman reluctantly letting go of his youthful ways and making peace with one fateful moment thirty years ago” (source: uncertain

A film by Anna Sandilands & Ewan McNicol. Winner of the Albert Maysles Best New Director Award at Tribeca Film Festival 2015.


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