The Amina Profile (2015) Teaser

A Gay Girl In Damascus: The Amina Profile represents the type of film where there’s a story within a story within a story. The slow and systematic unfolding is not only engaging but consuming. The story explores the events leading to the scam which took place back in 2011. It was when Amina, a Syrian-American woman, started writing a blog where she was uncovering all the wrongdoing her country was involved in. She used it also as a platform to come out as a lesbian. Shortly after she becomes an icon of the Arab world and an embodiment of courage.

Sophie Deraspe, the film director, uses a few perspectives to built this global narrative. The story takes off as a love affair, flies through the war-crime period and lands on the reflection of how huge influence internet has on public opinion. Hopefully, intentional no judgment approach is an opportunity for the viewers to judge themselves but only if they want to. There are endless avenues viewer can take, it resembles the rollercoaster and expects from viewer not only to be present but above all active in a story. It’s a rare quality in a doc like this.

The film redefines the distinction between bravery and cowardliness according to ever-changing postmodern societies. It proves yet again that the reality is stranger than fiction. It’s a testimony of our time and a proof that we still resemble children in a fog when it comes to internet aliases and online activity. It’s a cautionary tale for all of us who presume that a little white lie is harmless and cannot negatively affect others. The Amina Profile keeps you on the edge of the seat. A must see!



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