Secret Garden

They say that civilisation should not be praised for what it builds but what it refuses to destroy. In this more and more disposable environment, Western World created, it’s priceless to witness how old is being worshiped and treasured for generations to come.

The capital of Denmark, one of a few places not destroyed by World War II, is filled with enclaves such as the one I found in the bohemian borough of Christianshavn. Despite many conflagrations that occurred here over the centuries, the wooden backyards surprisingly remained untouched. Mainly because they are guarded by stone facades of buildings surfacing the main arteries of Copenhagen.

Backyards are as wild as the English gardens, as stylish as Danish design and as inherent to a home as Inuk tradition. They are well maintained and extremely practical. You can find a lot of little Troll figurines hidden in the bushes and Christmas lights decorating branches. Colours of ubiquitous summer flowers coupled with the peachy tint of the buildings create a mad mosaic brightening ever cloudy Scandinavian sky.

© 2018 Anna Jozwiak

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